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When we are standing on planet earth, there is a gravitational pull through our bodies. Our skeletons are built to stack bone on bone in such a way to make optimal and efficient use of the gravity pull. As soon as the bones are not stacked properly, the gravitational pull becomes stronger and our bodies require more energy to stay upright. This also can create pain; our bodies become less efficient, or restricted in movement. Did you know that 90% of our brain energy is working just to keep us upright?

The vast majority of us operate in bodies that have succumbed to a less optimal gravitation pull.  A therapist with a trained eye, can quickly spot those inefficiencies that you are likely not aware of. The therapist will observe you plainly standing up and not lying on a table, to devise a plan to bring you into a more balanced and efficient state. We are not looking to treat you based on how well you do on uneven surfaces. When you are well stacked and balanced, you will naturally do well on uneven ground compared to those who are not properly balanced.

No you are not doing yoga, although you might get a yoga stretch to do as a homework exercise! Traditionally, bodywork therapy is done on a table, perhaps under sheets and blankets. So I am going to shift your paradigm. I can also treat your body when you are standing. We work with gravity, your body weight, and with movement to release the tissues that need to be addressed. This can be more effective than laying on the table which puts your body out of gravity and can limit your movement. I can also treat you sitting up, on a specialized bench, with you feet firmly grounded into the floor.

For Structural Integration, each session is 90 minutes and ideally the sessions should be 1 week apart. However, there is flexibility in how far they are spaced apart to accommodate your schedule.

If you want to just do the Structural Bodywork, between you and the therapist, you can work together to decide what will be an optimal schedule and appointment length to meet the goals and changes you want.

Some people will feel changes in their bodies after one session and others will feel it later on in the series. Fascia moves slow and can take 9-24 months to complete the reknitting process.

The majority of people do get some change and some more dramatic than others. However, it is not guaranteed as every body is different. Your body will dictate what it is willing to let go. A lot of factors are in your control such as curbing repetitive motions, healthy nutrition, addressing your emotional health, and moving your body in various directions. Your therapist will guide you to better your results.

The Structural Integration series is just the beginning of the fascia reknitting. It can take 9-24 months for the fascia to complete it’s process. It is advised to take a bit of break from the therapy in order to allow the fascia to reknit. However, it will be important to take your body into a news direction of movement. If that is not possible then I do recommend follow up sessions. What this looks like can be decided between you and the therapist and will be dependent of your movement. It could be something like once a month or every 3 months with 3 sessions of rebalancing.


After 9 months, you may want to consider going through the 12 series again. One would opt to do this If you want to do something different with your body and its present structure is impeding you, something has changed in your body such as an injury, surgery, long term emotions, body composition, or you just want to continue making further improvements to your fascial system. It’s all up to you and how you want to feel in your body for the present and the future. 

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Yes, the treatments are performed by a Registered Massage Therapist that is recognized by all insurance providers.  Each plan offers a different amount of coverage, so please check with your provider and budget as needed.

There are very few Structural Integrators in Canada as the education is in the USA and is intensive and specialized. Training is just now coming to Canada, so we hope to see more therapists practicing this trade. Structural Integration has been around for many decades since Ida Rolf had pioneered it.

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