My experience with Structural Integration was a profound one with the use of fascial release techniques.
To be honest I was not even certain as to what I was getting myself into. But the words body balancing seemed to strike an interest. Why wouldn’t I want a balanced body structure? I was experiencing body pain and postural misalignments.
Jenny is very skilled and her passion for her work shines through in her approach at each treatment. I have had improvements with my posture, my movements , my balance, my breathing and definitely my energy.
We spend money on material items in our life but never on keeping the one possession that is the most valuable ..our bodies! Our body is priceless ! Thank you Jenny.



Jenny always finds a way of getting into the deepest, darkest spots of my body and releasing tension. This is a good thing! I recently went through a 3-session Structural Bodywork and was amazed by shifts in my alignment. I feel as if Jenny and I work together in this modality and this is a positive, empowering thing. I look forward to going through the 12-week series of Structural Bodywork with Jenny.



Jenny diligently seeks out and persistently works on my problem areas. I go into treatment stiff as a board and come out relaxed, breathing fuller and articulating better. Over the course of 5-6 treatments she resolved the constant neck pain that I initially came to her with. Jenny enthusiastically invests in her career with extensive continuing education courses. She is respectful and professional, and her years of experience and commitment to her profession are evident in each treatment. I can strongly recommend Jenny to anyone who is looking for a massage therapist.



For more than 14 years , I continue to have Jenny as my massage therapist. She helps to alleviate my chronic neck and shoulder problems. I highly recommend her professionalism.



I have been going to Jenny for massage treatments for more than 10 years. I appreciate her strong hands as she works to relieve my neck and back muscle tensions. She is a true professional and is always upgrading her skills through education courses. Always feel better after a massage.


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“Achieving an efficient body is an ongoing journey.”