Shiatsu Massage

This is best for you if you

  • Enjoy a good massage but want to try something different
  • Are uncomfortable with therapy with outer clothes removed
  • Don’t want oil on your body
  • Want to address common high tension areas

What it is

This technique originates from massage master, Masonari Uchida of Nagoya, Japan and is the signature treatment at the Ten Thousand Waves Spa in a Santa Fe, New Mexico. Using acupressure techniques, key trigger points are addressed through the body to release tension, balance the body, and improve flexibility. The treatment in performed in many dimensions which can include stretching and range of motion movement. For grip and traction, a towel is used under the therapists hands instead of oil.

What to wear to your appointment

To comfortably allow freedom of movement, this treatment is done over top of your sweat/yoga/pajama pants and long or short sleeved t-shirt. For your comfort, please avoid clothing with collars, hoods, button and zipper detailing as well as jeans, skirts or shorts.

After the Session

You will feel more revitalized and a renewed sense of energy.

60 minute

$104.76 + gst

90 minute

$142.86 + gst

Shiatsu back massage
Remedial massage

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