Structural Bodywork for kids ages 3-12

As the twig is bent, the tree will grow. Changes in our posture begin in childhood resulting from repetitive motions, accidents during activities such as tobogganing or biking, car accidents, surgeries, emotional trauma, or lengthy periods studying, on electronic devices, and video gaming.  A child may or may not complain of pain but as the “twig grows” in the new direction resulting from the above events, years later the pain will present itself once joints are repositioned and pulled. 
The fascia in children is young, springy, and easily corrected with a gentle touch. The first session will entail of the therapist gaining an understanding of the child’s history, movement patterns, and posture. Treatment is done at a comfortable pace for the child allowing for movement and to be at ease with being touched.  
The entire treatment is done in clothes that the child can comfortable move in. 
After the first session, follow up sessions are done 2-3 weeks apart for 4-5 sessions. 

First session 1 hour

$118 + GST

Follow up sessions 30 minutes

$59 + GST

What to wear to your appointment
Your comfort is paramount, but we need to get directly to the tissues that are restricting the free flow of movement. So for your comfort, please come dressed in something that keeps you comfortably covered. All sessions are done in bra/underwear, bikini/swim trunks, or shoulder strapped sport bra/sport shorts. The entire appointment will be in these clothes.

Crisscrossing straps, racer backs, long shorts, one piece bodysuits, or coming without undergarments will inhibit the therapy. Your undergarments are safe as the therapist uses water and not oil.

After each session

Take it easy. Go for a light walk. Relax and enjoy the day as your body responds to the therapy. It’s more common to feel balanced, open, and a sense of ease and lightness rather than to feel residual soreness. After the sessions are complete, your body will continue to respond to the therapy.

Does Structural Bodywork/Integration hurt?

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